If you’re already a client of mine, then you’ve seen my explanation of engagement sessions and why I encourage all couples to have one. Not only do the images look great on your walls, but there are many other benefits to having such a session. I hope you find the article useful during your wedding planning!

  1. Getting the Jitters Out of the Way

One of the greatest benefits of having an engagement session is building that in-person connection with your photographer. Sure, you’ve likely sat down and talked with your professional in a coffee shop or familiar place, but how are they when they shoot? Having that engagement session helps you not only feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, but it also provides you with insight into what you can expect on your wedding day. After all, this session really is pre-wedding photo prep! A lot of people are nervous to be in front of the camera because they simply don’t know how the photographer runs their sessions. They don’t know how the posing will be handled or what will be asked of you. This is your chance to learn your photographer’s ropes (so to speak) so that you already know exactly what to expect once your big day arrives. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the photographic process, and even better, it gives me a chance to see how you both interact in front of the camera, and any adjustments I need to make come the big day.

         2. Remembrance & Memories

So, I’ll be honest….I regret not having an engagement session of my own. We don’t have photos from such a session to hang on our walls, only wedding photos. I believe that engagement photos capture a unique transition between “dating” and “marriage” and no type of shoot you could ever have after the wedding can match that. This is a very special time in your lives – emotions and excitement are running high, you have a sparkly new addition to your left finger that you can’t wait to show off, and your friends and family want something to remember it all by, too! You want to be able to look back at those sweet moments someday as you pass your love story down the generations. Additionally, many brides like to fill photo frames at their wedding with these very images – some even turn the pictures into a guest book!

          3. Save-the-Dates

Something that’s becoming more and more popular is using engagement photos for save-the-dates! And seriously, what a great and specialized way to announce your wedding date to family and friends. Save-the-dates and invitations are often items I will photograph at weddings (if the bride brings them along). Laying your save-the-date side by side with your invite is a great image to have in your gallery; not only does it display your progress as a couple, but it’s a great memory to look back on. Additionally, brides are even putting their save-the-dates in time capsules or scrapbooks – the potential is limitless with your own creativity, but it all starts with something simple. I hope you keep that mind. :)

One of my favorites from a session I did Downtown!

One of my favorites from a session I did Downtown!

         4. Get Loose & Have Fun!

So, this is the obvious one – the engagement session is all about YOU. Unlike the wedding day which will have tons of your family and friends present, this session is much more intimate and occurs without any of the wedding day distractions. This is your chance to go buy a new outfit, get your hair done and feel amazing! Get dressed up, put on your favorite lipstick (or men – your favorite cologne!) and make a day out of it! I always encourage couples to plan a date night that day – go get some dinner, catch a new movie or simply go for a walk and watch the sun set. Make your engagement session one big all-day date, because, why not? :)