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Who I Am & How I Got Here

Let’s take this back to the very beginning….

I was born a free-spirited rebel and an artist. From an incredibly young age I knew I would somehow pursue a creative field in my adult years. What that field was specifically was unknown to me back then, but over the years I found what I believe my true purpose is – visual storytelling. On my 13th birthday, after many months of begging, my parents gave me a little Nikon point-and-shoot camera. I was immediately obsessed and I took it everywhere with me….photographing flowers, trees, grass and buildings. Over time, that hobby bloomed into a full-blown career when I purchased my first Nikon DSLR in 2013. Not too long after, I booked my first wedding.

Since beginning my photography journey in 2013, I have worked hard on fine-tuning the technical aspect of the craft, as well as the emotional one. I knew I didn’t want my work to look “posed” or “stiff”….I very much wanted a candid, documentary and emotional feel to it. I wanted my work to reflect the excitement and love that is present at every wedding and every photo session. Each photo should be a snapshot of a true and very real memory, not something that is forced. That is my artistic philosophy.

I don’t just create via photography, I also create via writing, painting, drawing, candle making, sewing, and many others. You name it, I do it. The process of taking something from a conceptual stage to a finished product is a riveting experience, and it’s an experience that I truly live for. I just love to make. Educationally, I attended design school for interior design and architecture, once again displaying my love for the creative industry.

Want to know a bit more about my personal life? Well….I have 3 wonderful kitties and a fantastic family, I enjoy cooking & baking, horror flicks (here’s Johnny!), computers & technology, roller coasters, rock & metal music, muscle cars and Italian food. :)

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